Closed Crawl Space Installation

Improve Air Quality & Save Up To 18% on Heating & Cooling Your Home

Before OconPro

After OconPro

Before OconPro After OconPro

  • Condensation problems
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Energy loss
  • Easy access for termites, rodents
    and other pests
  • Ongoing problems

  • Dry environment
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Energy savings
  • Fewer pest problems
  • Ongoing savings and benefits

New research shows that properly closed crawl spaces earn their keep!

Research results indicate that closed crawl spaces are a great moisture control strategy and also save energy if the installer follows climate-appropriate insulation strategies.

A home with a crawl space may be at greater risk of pest infestation including termites, rats, mice, spiders, etc.

Crawl spaces may contribute to musty odors in the home due to moisture, mold or other potential allergens.

Crawl spaces may be allowing significant energy loss in winter and summer.

Having OconPro Closed Crawl space installed in your home will:

  • Reduce access for and conditions conducive to pest activity
  • Eliminate excess moisture, mold, odor and potential allergens
  • Reduce energy loss via crawlspace walls and floor

How OconPro Closed Crawl space works:

  • All debris and existing insulation removed from crawlspace and discarded by OCON
  • Mold-Clean* / Mold-Care* mold treatment to crawlspace as needed. Entire crawlspace treated with DSV* disinfectant / deodorizer
  • Bora-Care* borate solution application to control termites, fungal growth and other insect pests on wood members of crawlspace
  • All vents closed and sealed to prevent moisture access as well as energy loss
  • Interior of crawlspace floor and base of walls sealed with minimum 8 mil multi layer poly liner
  • Crawlspace walls and underside of structure sealed with either multi layer poly, insulated foam board or combination poly/insulation/radiant barrier product depending on construction type

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