Commercial Pest Control

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Ocon Termite and Pest Control has served Western Connecticut since 1979 and has had roots in the pest control industry since the 50s. We aim to provide the most high-quality pest control services to businesses in our part of the state and to ensure their success without troublesome pest interference. Whether it's a restaurant or a school, we use integrated pest management techniques to eliminate invasive pests without impacting the health of you, your employees and customers.

Serving Fairfield, Litchfield and New Haven Counties

Our certified and bonded team uses sensible pest solutions to combat the most troublesome infestations. We believe in rapid response and equip every service vehicle with GPS, so we can keep you up to date on the location of an incoming technician. We serve Fairfield, Litchfield and New Haven counties and can react to any pest emergency oftentimes on the same day.

The Businesses We Treat


Restaurants attract and harbor pests inside the kitchen and just outside the doors. It's unwise for any restaurant owner to treat pests using conventional over-the-counter treatments since the county, state and federal government have strict regulations of what can be used in the food-prep area. Only certain treatment methods are approved at all governing levels. Our team understands the regulations and applies treatments that are rated for restaurant use.


Ocon Termite and Pest Control works with educational institutions of all types throughout our service area, from elementary schools to colleges. We can help customize a pest control plan to eliminate infestations, to prevent reinfestations and to adhere to the rules and regulations of the state regarding integrated pest management.

Retirement and Assisted Living Facilities

Many people who reside in assisted living and retirement facilities have sensitivities and reactions to pest control chemicals and odors. These facilities also have the same pest infestations as other commercial properties, such as bedbugs, ants and termites. The most important thing is the health of all the residents on-site, so we implement eco-friendly methods to eliminate pests while minimizing the risk of exposure.

Property Management

Condos, apartments and other real estate properties all require regular pest control maintenance to cure and to prevent costly infestations. Not every property requires the same treatment methods, so it's important to have a professional who can correctly identify the pest and recommend the appropriate solution. Our expert technicians regularly handle pest control on commercial properties and want to help devise a plan to keep your apartment or other property free of pests.

Experienced Pest Control in Western Connecticut

Contact Ocon Termite and Pest Control for a thorough pest inspection of your business or commercial property. Our experienced, certified and bonded technicians can arrive on the same day in most cases and help rid your business of stubborn pests for now and the future.