Danbury, CT Pest Control & Crawl Space Installation

You do your best to make your home in Danbury, CT, comfortable. However, you don’t want it to be comfortable for the pests that may make their way onto your property. We serve communities in the greater Fairfield County area to handle pest emergencies, preventative maintenance and everything in between.

Residential Pest Control

Our licensed supervisors respond quickly and provide the best possible service to homes throughout Fairfield County as well as parts of Litchfield and New Haven Counties. In this area, carpenter ants and termites can be a threat to your home’s structure. If you’ve seen one of these insects in your home, you probably have more somewhere else.

Carpenter ants congregate in moist areas that may have experienced water damage. Subterraneous termites damage wood near the ground. Identifying them often involves crawling under the house. Our professionals can spot the difference between a carpenter ant and termite problem and treat it accordingly.

Cockroaches and rodents, other pests that may frequent your residence, don’t cause structural damage. However, that doesn’t make them desirable roommates. At Ocon, we help keep your family safe from annoying and disease-carrying pests.

Commercial Pest Control

Do you have a company in Western Connecticut? Pest infestations can be irritating. They can also cost you, customers. Do-it-yourself pest solutions may not be effective or safe for the workplace. If you handle food or work around children, you might not be able to use certain chemicals in your place of business. We understand the regulations regarding pest management and can treat your space in the safest, most effective manner.

If you manage a property in which people live, such as an apartment complex or assisted living facility, a pest infestation can be devastating. A problem with rodents, bed bugs, ants, termites or other insects could affect your revenue as well as the livelihood of your residents. Take care of any issues quickly and without hassle by calling Ocon. We’ll provide the best course of action for safely exterminating vermin and preventing them from returning.

Closed Crawl Space Installation

Pest problems can be symptoms of a bigger problem. Mold and moisture can attract bugs. Unsealed crawl spaces can provide the access point for insects and rodents to enter your home. Let us help you create an environment that’s optimal for you but discouraging to pests.

An OconPro Closed Crawl space transforms the area under your house from a nightmare into a dry, hygienic dream. As the air from your crawl space rises into your home, it brings dust, debris, and allergens with it. It also picks up moisture from the earth and distributes it throughout your house. A properly sealed crawl space protects against humidity as well as pests. Although this may be the most neglected area of your house, it shouldn’t be.

Contact us to find out the best way to protect your home and break the pest cycle. Our service coordinators are waiting for your call.