American RoachYour CT house is a fantastic place to live, and no one could agree more than insects and rodents. When these pests make their way into your home, they will take advantage of your space in whatever ways they can. Once these pests get a foothold into your home, they? Property damage can skyrocket, and in some cases, the entire house may be ruined. And as long as the home has adequate food, moisture, and temperature, a home is vulnerable to an infestation. 

Cockroaches bring all kinds of problems into your home. Social implications aside, they host a variety of pathogenic bacteria and fungi, such as Salmonella, that are then passed on to humans through contaminations of foods and surfaces. They can survive on nearly any food source, including food crumbs, glue, hair, grease, or even other dead cockroaches. A single pair of cockroaches, according to Science World, have been known to product as many as 500 young in a single year! And once they're established, that have 350 million years of adaptation and evolution keeping the cockroach infestation alive and well in your home.

Along with the viruses and bacteria they bring cockroach infestations also contribute to the allergens in the home. Cockroach feces, salvia, eggs, outer covering, and the bodies themselves are all allergenic to humans and especially to those with asthma or respiratory conditions, according to Agricultural Research Magazine. Studies have shown that the allergens can linger for long after the cockroaches have been eliminated and removed, causing them to leave behind heath-compromising allergens that can remain in the area for years. The eggs, feces, saliva, and outer coverings of cockroaches all contain a great deal of allergenic material, according to Agricultural Research Magazine, and these allergens are especially significant to people with asthma and respiratory conditions. Good Housekeeping recommends products such as boric acid powder, which can stick to a cockroach's delicate leg hairs to be ingested during grooming, as a proven and effective way of removing this menace.

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