Stamford, CT Pest Control

As a resident of Stamford, CT, you are an easy target for all sorts of pests because your home provides shelter, food, and water. These three things are necessities for creepy crawlers and critters. If your home has not been treated, chances are you will have trouble with carpenter ants, termites, or roaches.

Carpenter Ants Control

Carpenter ants in Stamford are large, formidable and destructive. With their strong mandibles, they can easily burrow through damp and damaged wood, and they can cause a substantial amount of damage to your home with their aggressive behavior habits. Carpenter ants will create tunnels and galleries in any wooden component attached to your home. The pathways they make will allow them to enter and exit your home without you knowing. Thankfully, these pesky insects are no match for the advanced techniques that we employ at Ocon.

Termite Control

Termites fall under three categories: drywood, subterranean and dampwood. Due to the fact that termites are highly furtive critters, they are commonly called the silent destroyer, and they most certainly live up to their name. Formosan termites pose the biggest threat to your properties. These aggressive insects have the ability to cause aesthetic and structural damage rather quickly. In ideal conditions, it may only take six months for them to weaken and deface the wooden components and accessories around your home.

While it is true that ants can wreak havoc on a termite colony, you should leave the termite control to the professional pest exterminators at Ocon. We have the skills and equipment to get rid of infestations once and for all.

Roach Control

Roaches in Stamford are bold, fast and dangerous insects that will take up residence in any part of your home. What makes them such a threat is the fact that they can carry all sorts of diseases. They can also make you sicker if you have asthma. Unfortunately, like most pests, roaches can squeeze their small bodies in cracks and crevices and can travel through drain pipes and vents. Even if you clean your home on a regular basis, you may still see these critters running around in the kitchen, the basement, and the bathroom.

Roaches do not care about cleanliness; they are after food and water and want a dark area to nest. Clutter and filth just make your home more attractive to them. The good news is that the professional pest exterminators at Ocon know how to deal with a roach infestation.

A Pest Control Company You Can Trust

If you want to nip your infestation problem in the bud, do not hesitate to reach out to Ocon because we are at your service to help you reclaim your home. We serve the communities in Stamford, CT, and we use the most effective techniques to combat pests. No matter the scope of the infestation that you are dealing with, you can count on us to deliver satisfactory results. We will have your expectations in mind because we are committed to meeting them. Call us today to get your pest control needs fulfilled.