1. OCON Sensible Pest Solutions is a family business serving Western Connecticut since 1979.
  2. Licensing Advantage - Our OCON service professionals are licensed Supervisors (CT DEP S- license) while most other companies' service techs are licensed Operators (O- license). What this means is that your OCON professional has the experience and credentials he/she needs to make treatment decisions in the field. No waiting for an office manager to sign off on it.
  3. No Long-term Commitment - We believe in preventive maintenance. While it may take only a couple of visits to eliminate your current pest problem, we recommend that you maintain an ongoing OCON service, but we do not require it. You may cancel your OCON service program at any time without penalty.
  4. Dedicated Service Coordinators - When you call OCON you won't be left waiting for a return call from a technician. Our OCON Service Coordinators are waiting to take your call for scheduling, billing questions, complaints, etc... This gets your issue handled quickly and leaves your OCON professional doing what he/she does best, servicing your account.
  5. Rapid Response - All OCON service vehicles are equipped with GPS units, so we know where they are relative to where you are. Your Service Coordinator is in regular contact with your OCON professional and able to dispatch him/her to you when you have a pest emergency, most often the same day.

To contact us, Click Here or call  800-323-6266.